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Are you suffering through the aftermath of tooth loss as an adult?

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious?

Are you sick of avoiding the foods you love?

Are you ready to do something to boost the health, function, and appearance of your smile?

Then the answer you have been looking for might just be dentures from Mint 32 Dentistry!

This restorative solution has really evolved over the decades. These days, modern technology makes it possible for us to provide you with dentures that are 100% secure! Keep reading to hear more about the possibilities and then be sure to follow up with our team to schedule your consultation in our Alpharetta, GA dentist’s office. Dr. Morton will give you plenty to smile about!

What Are Dentures?

In case you didn’t know, dentures are artificial, replacement teeth, also known as dental prosthetics. They have been around in one form or another for centuries.

Can Dentures Improve My Quality Of Life?

Absolutely! If you have empty slots due to missing or extracted teeth, this dental prosthetic is an excellent solution for helping you with chewing fiber-rich food as well as improving your appearance and boosting your self-confidence.

What Types Of Dentures Are There?

Full dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth.

Partial dentures replace some of your teeth in a row.

Can Implants Be Used To Stabilize Dentures?

YES!  Implant-retained and implant-supported dentures are what we call the dentures that are attached, as you might have guessed, to dental implants.

We can either create a custom set of dentures to attach to your implants, or we may be able to adjust your dentures to connect to the implants. Your smile will be stabilized by the strong, permanently attached implants, whereas traditional removable dentures do not connect to anything and instead rest on your gums.

When dental implants and dentures are used together, they make for an exceptionally effective treatment for folks who have lost a good portion of their natural teeth. These solutions are not mutually exclusive, or competing in the marketplace for your attention, but rather working together to accomplish the same goal: a healthier dental condition for you. We’ll walk you through the process during your initial examination.

Are Dentures Affordable?

Yeah, for sure! Our dentures provide a practical, affordable, and effective solution for restoring your smile following tooth loss as an adult. They will help you reclaim your life the easy way. But before we set you up with this solution, you must have a consultation with Dr. Morton so that we can determine the best type for you.

Even if you are not a good candidate for implant-retained dentures, you may be a great candidate for our modern-style removable dentures.

Take Back Your Smile (And Your Life)!

Ready to take the next step? To see if you are a good candidate for your first set of dentures or if you are curious about upgrading your existing dentures, call our Alpharetta, GA dentist’s office today at 770-901-2719.