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Is Dental Anxiety A Common Problem In Alpharetta, GA?



Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Mint 32 Dentistry. If you aren’t in love with your smile, it may be because you haven’t come around often enough for Dr. Morton to help you change all of that.


As a caring, cosmetic dentist’s office, we do a whole lot more for our patients than just clean their teeth. But if we never see you, we won’t be able to do you much good. That said, we do understand that some folks are uneasy about getting the dental services they deserve. Dental anxiety (fear of the dentist) is a very real condition–one that could lead to some real problems for folks who don’t try to work through it.


What Triggers Dental Anxiety?


Painful or otherwise unpleasant experiences at the dental office are the number one reason for subsequent fear of the dentist. The unfortunate part about this is that, in all likelihood, whatever procedure caused that pain was either done the wrong way or was performed in a fashion that seems antiquated now. Either way, our Alpharetta, GA dentist’s office is committed to pain-free dentistry and we are here to help you make better memories moving forward.


How Can Dental Anxiety Be Overcome?


The first thing to do is determine what your fear stems from. Was it pain, an indifferent staff, a cold (metaphorically speaking) and unwelcoming building, or maybe a rushed and careless dentist? Once we know, we would be happy to show you how much different things are here at Mint 32 Dentistry.


What Can I Expect At Mint 32 Dentistry?


First of all, you can rest assured that Dr. Morton will never withhold the anesthetic that is right for your pain threshold. If you ever feel uncomfortable with what we are doing, we will put the brakes on immediately and make sure you are comfortable before we proceed.


Around here, we also have many options to help keep you relaxed while you are in our care. Longer appointments are available so you don’t feel like we are rushing you out the door. Plus, our operatories are private and have TVs, an eclectic mix of music, headphones, and so forth. We’ve been told repeatedly that our space is spa-like and not at all like a typical medical office.


But the best thing we can offer you is a caring and compassionate staff that will be with you every step of the journey. There won’t be any condescending lectures or raised eyebrows from us, only encouragement!


What About Dental Sedation?


For anyone who needs a little extra help relaxing, we have two great dental sedation options. We offer nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas), which will deliver a mild sedation to take the edge off of your nerves.


For something deeper, Dr. Morton can set you up with oral sedation. This can be mild to moderate depending on your need. You will still be awake but extremely relaxed, and you will definitely need to line up a ride home. With any luck, you won’t remember why you were ever afraid in the first place.


Ready To Get Started?


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