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More Good News About Dental Veneers

At Mint 32 Dentistry, we make it our mission to help you keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great all through life. We have the tools, training, and technology to keep up with your ever-changing dentistry needs, and we deliver great care in a spa-like atmosphere.

Here’s the thing: most of us were not endowed with perfect teeth and gums. And the years can often be unkind to even the best of smiles. That said, with our easy and accessible cosmetic dentistry solutions, there’s no reason to go on living with a smile that embarrasses you at every turn.

We are confident that we can take your smile where it needs to go! When you come in for your smile makeover consultation, Dr. Morton will evaluate your situation, and work with you to find a treatment (or combination of treatments) that makes the most sense.

If you checked out our last post, which was a patient testimonial, you already know that one of our most versatile options for boosting the appearance of your smile is a dental veneer procedure. This is an easy way to radically improve your look without a major investment of time or money on your part. With any luck, it will be just the thing you need to save your smile for many years to come.

Read on to hear all about veneers, and then be sure to follow up with our Alpharetta, GA dentist’s office to get started.

Veneers Will Change Your Life

As far as cosmetic dentistry goes, veneers are a great cover-up treatment. They work a lot like false fingernails. If your teeth have been damaged or simply have a few apparent imperfections, a veneer will make it look completely restored. You won’t have to worry any more about discoloration, cracks, chips, minor alignment issues, and so forth. In terms of first appearances, having white and seemingly well-aligned teeth will go a long way both at work and at play! So, what exactly are veneers? They are long-lasting shells that get applied to the front of your existing teeth.

The Process Is Easy

Applying your veneers can be done easily in just two visits to our office. After your smile makeover consultation, we will prep your mouth and take impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be used to create a mold of the permanent veneer that you will receive when you come back. The veneers we use are made out of a dental ceramic that is thinner than traditional ceramic dental veneers. This allows for a less invasive placement procedure. You will love how our veneers are custom-designed just for you, the level of comfort they provide, their durability and stain-resistant properties, and lifelike appearance. Fair warning: veneers typically require a bit of enamel removal before application. And they can only be applied to reasonably healthy teeth. That means that problems like deep decay and advanced gum disease must be treated before any cosmetic jobs can be started.

Make Your Makeover Happen!

Spring is almost here. It’s time to get your smile in tip-top shape! We hope that you have been inspired by the possibilities outlined in today’s post. If you are ready to take the next step, all you have to do is get in touch with our Alpharetta, GA dental team to schedule your consultation with Dr. Morton. We’ll take care of the rest!


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