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All-Natural Oral Health: 5 Holistic Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth

Going green is a big thing in today’s world. Everywhere you look, you see people recycling; looking for more efficient, less polluting vehicles; and trying to do all they can to reduce climate change. This green trend has extended in other areas of life as well. At the grocery store, there is now a whole section of organic, all-natural foods; locally owned and sourced veggies and fruits are everywhere. So, with all of this all-natural, getting-back-to-our-roots stuff happening, how do you incorporate that into your dental care? That is what we are going to show you. Mother Nature has given us many tools we need to have healthy bodies and healthy mouths. You just need to know where to look and what to do. Here are five steps you can take to have an all-natural clean to your mouth, from your friends at Mint 32 Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA.

Take a Holistic Approach to Dental Care

A lot of what you are about to read may seem like common sense, or it may seem strange. There really is no middle ground to these pieces of advice, but they are all sound, effective ways to get the kind of clean you want and save your smile from harm.

Brush Two Times Per Day – This one is pretty standard. We have all been told this from the time we first started going to the dentist. You are supposed to brush your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed. This is because while you sleep, your body does a lot of processing, and that leads to toxins and bacteria buildup in your mouth. Cleaning it before bed wipes the slate clean from the day, and doing it again in the morning clears out the nasty buildup that happens during the night. For an added bonus, try brushing after meals as well. This will keep your mouth free from excess sugars that may fuel plaque and tartar growth. It will also help to lessen staining on your teeth and enamel breakdown from acids in the food you eat. Try using an all-natural toothpaste when you brush. Only a pea-sized drop is necessary.

Make Your Own Mouthwash – This one falls close to the odd end of the spectrum but is actually very effective. There is nothing in chemical mouth cleaners that you buy in the store that cannot be substituted with a natural remedy. Making your own natural mouthwash is pretty easy. Get some water and warm it up in a mason jar. Once the water is warm, add some natural sea salt and mix it up thoroughly. The warm water will help the salt mix in easily. From there, add either a little bit of mint or clove oil for taste and smell, place the lid on the jar to mix, and you have yourself an all-natural mouthwash. Salt naturally inhibits infection and promotes healing, while the mint and clove will help give your mouth a fresh scent. The added benefit is that it does not taste nearly as bad as store-bought mouthwash, and you don’t have to worry about not swallowing it.

Eat Alkaline Foods to Keep a Healthy Body pH – This one’s not strange, but it also is not talked about very often. The pH in your body is important to the health of your mouth. Large swings one way or the other can have damaging effects on your oral health. Luckily, we know where your pH levels are supposed to be and what foods you should eat to try and keep in that acceptable range. Beans, fruits, and green veggies are all considered alkaline foods. These types of food will help to promote a healthy body pH level by neutralizing the acids in your mouth that are trying to harm your tooth enamel, keeping your teeth safe from harm.

Get a Tongue Cleaner – A tongue cleaner is a U-shaped device that is used to scrape the debris off your tongue. It is effective for the job it does. Your tongue has a lot of biological material on it at any given point in time. Getting rid of that material can do wonders for your oral health, especially your breath. If you consistently find yourself with a lot of white residue on your tongue, this may be a sign of a problem with internal yeast production. A probiotic could help you control that and cut down on this residue.

Exercise and Rest – Exercise and rest are crucial to any attempt you make to improve your health. The healthier and more rested your body, the healthier your mouth will be.

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