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Create The Smile of Your Dreams

Everyone wants a great smile. Cosmetic dentistry can help you craft the kind of smile you have always wanted. You just have to figure out what you want, and Dr. Morton can help you get it.

What Kind of Smile Do You Want?

The first step in creating the smile of your dreams is to figure out what parts of your current smile you want to fix. Most problems are easy to recognize and fix if you know what you are looking for. Here is a list of problems that cosmetic dentistry from Mint 32 Dentistry can fix and what the solutions to those problems look like.

Whiter Teeth – The centerpiece to every great smile is a set of pearly white teeth. That is the color nature intended them to be, and that’s why we find it pleasing in a smile. Here are some options to help whiten your teeth.

Professional Whitening – With our Zoom whitening, Dr. Morton can give you whiter teeth in a shorter time than anything you can get at the grocery store. This is due to the concentration of the whitening agent in the solution. The store-bought brands are not able to deliver as highly concentrated solutions and therefore don’t whiten as effectively.

Veneers – For deep staining due to medications or disease, teeth whitening may not be effective. Dental veneers offer a solution to this type of staining and other deep staining. They can effectively cover the stains and return your teeth to the shade of white that you want in your smile.

Chips – Whenever the natural shape of a tooth is altered, it will be noticed in your smile. We all know what teeth are supposed to look like and can therefore pick out teeth that are flawed. A flaw like a chip is not the end of the world for your smile, though. Here is how Dr. Morton can help.

Dental Bonding – Dental bonding with a composite resin can repair the shape of your tooth and do it with a material that matches the shade of your teeth. This way, the only person who will know that you have a chipped tooth is you.

Veneers – The one problem with dental bonding is that it is not incredibly durable. You will have to watch what you eat, or you may end up having to get it redone. Dental veneers from Dr. Morton are more durable and therefore will last longer. Each veneer will be made to match the shape and color of the tooth it is repairing, and your smile will be back to its former glory in no time.

Cracks – A cracked tooth can be painful physically but also personally, meaning it can hurt the appearance of your smile. You need to have it repaired, both to keep it from cracking further and to get your smile back to looking its very best.

Veneers – A dental veneer will structurally support a cracked tooth and keep it safe from any further damage. It will also give your tooth an undamaged appearance. Your tooth will look as though nothing had ever happened to it.

Dental Bonding – For surface cracks, dental bonding is an effective fix. Unlike dental veneers, bonding does not require any type of prep work or enamel removal to be applied. The only prep is making sure that the bonding material matches the color of your tooth.

Misaligned Teeth – Crooked teeth are just as bad as teeth that aren’t the shape they should be. In some cases, they are even worse. Crooked teeth can affect the way your bite fits together, and this can cause issues with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in the future. Let Dr. Morton get your teeth lined up properly.

Invisalign – An invisible dental alignment method, Invisalign can help get your teeth back into the position they were meant to be in. The best parts are that this will happen in less than half the time of traditional braces, and no one but you will know you are doing it. It is fast, easy, and discreet – everything you could want out of an orthodontic alignment method.

Missing Teeth – The most damaging aspect of a smile outside of color is not enough teeth. Any open spot is an issue. Dr. Morton can help you with that, however.

Dental Implants – You can regain everything you lost with your real tooth with the help of dental implants from Mint 32 Dentistry. They act in the same way your real tooth roots do and will give you the same stability, function, and appearance you need.

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