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Don’t Mess Around With Sleep Apnea

According to some sources, Jerry Garcia–the late lead singer of the Grateful Dead–suffered from sleep apnea. As it happens, his fatal heart attack in 1995 may have been due, at least in part, to this serious condition. There are many other people, not all of them famous, who have met a similarly unnecessary fate.

Most folks don’t realize that untreated sleep apnea can really mess up your life. Besides the extra stress it places on your body due to the lack of quality sleep, the decreased amount of oxygen it allows you to get when you do sleep is a scary situation. Hypoxemia (lack of oxygen in the blood) has been linked to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues. Untreated (or undiagnosed) sleep apnea can also lead to type 2 diabetes, liver problems, daytime fatigue, and other total-system issues. And as may have been the case with Jerry Garcia, it can even lead to death.

In Jerry’s honor, today we have included a classic video link for your viewing pleasure. But if you or your partner needs help managing sleep apnea symptoms, like excessive snoring, we hope you will take it seriously enough to contact Dr. Morton ASAP. If you want to learn more about our sleep apnea treatments, call Mint 32 Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA at 770-901-2719 for an appointment!