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Relieving Dental Anxiety

There is no need to fear the dentist. Here at Mint 32 Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA, anything that happened in the past or any anxious expectations you have can be overcome. Let Dr. Morton and our team show you the better way that we do dental care and relieve dental anxiety.

Is dental anxiety common?

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We start off by taking out the stresses that many people state they have when it comes to a dental visit. That starts with just the sound. Patients are offered noise cancelling headphones, where they can choose a wide variety of music or videos that they can watch during their procedure. It just kind of allows them to check out a little bit, and just allows them to relax. We also utilize the computer delivery anesthetic. It makes for getting the patient numb more comfortably. Then we also utilize paraffin hand wax for patients to also just kind of disconnect and relax. A lot of our patients really enjoy that. We have heated and massaging chairs. We also have aromatherapy with scents that are distinguished for relaxation as well.

People with dental anxiety sometimes feel like they are alone in their fear. This is not the case at all. If you added up the total populations of the 10 largest cities in the United States, you would be at the low end of the estimate of people who suffer from dental anxiety. That’s about 24 to 35 million people suffering from dental fear. These are not people who are afraid of the dentist but are still able to go. These are people who will literally let their teeth become infected or fall out before they step foot inside the door of a dental office. Unfortunately, that is a lot of people who will put their health at risk due to fear.

What causes this type of anxiety?

For every three people who say they have dental anxiety, two attribute it to a painful experience at the dental office. The sad thing about this is that the procedure that caused that pain was either done incorrectly or has since become less painful. Either way, Dr. Morton can help you see the difference between what caused your fear and how that procedure is done now at our office.

What can I do to work through my anxiety?

The first step is figuring out what caused your fear. Think back to when it happened and what was being done. Then talk to someone about it, such as Dr. Morton. He will be able to walk you through what was done then and how we’ve found better, less painful ways to do it now. Helping you get past your dental fear and start to get the care you need is one of our top priorities at Mint 32 Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA.

How can Dr. Morton and his staff help me?

Besides offering counsel on how your experience will be positive with Mint 32 Dentistry, Dr. Morton will use the correct amount of anesthetic for you and your unique pain tolerance. If you feel something you shouldn’t, we will stop and make sure you’re comfortable before we proceed. We also have many options to help keep you relaxed while you are with us. Longer appointments are available so you don’t feel rushed. Our operatories are private and have TVs, music, headphones, and other comfort options to ease your nerves. You can even get a paraffin wax treatment done in our spa-like office. We are not like any dentist you have gone to in the past.

All of this is in addition to our caring and compassionate staff that will be with you the whole way. No matter what is going on or how you are feeling, you can know that there is someone who cares and will not judge you for your dental problems.

What sedation options are available at Mint 32 Dentistry  in Alpharetta, GA?

For patients who would like to be or need to be sedated for their care, we have two sedation options. We offer nitrous oxide, which will give you a mild sedation and take the edge off of your nerves. You will still be conscious and able to drive yourself home. For those who would like something a bit stronger, we offer oral sedation. This can be mild to moderate depending on your need. You will still be awake but extremely relaxed, and you will need to get a ride home as it will take several hours for the effects to wear off.

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