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Tooth Fillings

Does your tooth hurt but you don’t know what’s wrong? Do you have a broken or cracked silver filling that is bothering you? You may be in need of dental fillings or tooth fillings from Mint 32 Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA. Dr. Morton can correct tooth decay with composite resin fillings. Let us help you today.

Why would I need a dental filling?

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We have a variety of patients that seek us out for something as simple as a filling based on the options of the different types of dental materials that we provide our patients. We do not use any of the old mercury amalgam metal fillings from the past. Instead we only utilize bonded tooth-colored restorations. There are resin materials that people choose to pursue because of their conservative nature and their aesthetic result, and then we also offer patients porcelain options, which may be much stronger, still very aesthetic, and also bonding and reinforcing the tooth. They actually help strengthen the tooth with their use. Those are the materials that we tend to use for fillings, either a resin-based option or a porcelain-based option, but ultimately, it's up to the patient to choose which they prefer.

Many patients seek us out for the replacement of the old mercury amalgam fillings either because they are concerned about the mercury that's in the metal, and that's a personal decision that they may have. Others may have breakdown, decay around the old metal fillings, and so we discuss options of replacing those based on the evident need that the tooth may have or teeth may have. Ultimately, we always remove the metal fillings, the mercury amalgams with isolation and in a manner that protects the patient so that they're not ingesting or inhaling the mercury vapors that are released upon the removal of those fillings.

Tooth fillings are used to fill open areas or holes in your tooth. These areas, called cavities, are caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when your tooth literally starts to deteriorate. If you don’t have the decay removed, it will cause an assortment of problems. The decay could spread to other teeth and may even cost you the teeth that are affected. It can also cause discomfort, sensitivity, and pain.

If you have a cavity, Dr. Morton will first remove the decayed portion of your tooth. To keep your tooth from developing decay again and to stabilize the area (a hole is not good for the structural integrity of your tooth), Dr. Morton will place a dental filling. Dental fillings may also be used to repair broken teeth that do not require the placement of a dental crown and even cracked teeth that are too extensive for a veneer to fix.

What type of tooth fillings are available at Mint 32 Dentistry?

At Mint 32 Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA, we only uses composite resin filling material. This material is BPA free and will bond seamlessly with your teeth. The composite resin will match the shade of your current teeth, so it won’t stick out the same way that silver amalgam fillings do.

At Mint 32 Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA, we can also remove an amalgam filling and replace it with a BPA-free composite resin filling. This will greatly improve the esthetic quality of your smile. He will first place a rubber dam in your mouth to make sure that no debris goes someplace it shouldn’t. After the dam is in place, Dr. Morton will use air evacuation to safely rid your mouth of the amalgam filling. Finally, he will replace that dental filling with the composite resin, returning your tooth to the white shade it was supposed to be all along.

What are the benefits of BPA-free composite tooth fillings?

BPA Free – BPA, or bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical that has been used for decades to produce plastics and epoxy. Research has shown a link between BPA and certain health conditions. The FDA has deemed it safe, but we don’t want to take the risk of putting these chemicals in your mouth and then leaving them there for years.

Appearance – The composite resin will be shaded to match the color of your existing teeth, making it almost impossible to detect in your mouth. This is in stark contrast to the silver of amalgam that people can see from across the room.

Bonding – Composite resin creates a tighter, more complete bond with your tooth structure. This chemical bonding allows the filling to provide added support to your tooth.

Versatility – Composite resin is not only great for dental fillings. It is also used for tooth bonding. This means that the same substance can be used for a number of applications with the same high level of effect.

If you need to get safe and effective tooth fillings, you can schedule your appointment at Mint 32 Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA dental office  by calling 770-901-2719 today, or use our online form and schedule your appointment right now.

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