• This is the absolute best dentist practice I have ever been to! From the front office staff to Dr Morton himself, the service is above and beyond. I felt so welcomed and comfortable under their care. I highly recommend Chris when it comes to getting cleanings and xrays done. He is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and you can tell he really cares about his work and care of patients!

    Jenna P. Avatar
    Jenna P.

    Dr. Morton removed a tooth for me last week. The whole experience was outstanding. It went even better than I was expecting. The service was caring, painless, and professional. Dr. Morton kept me well informed before and after the procedure and answered all my many questions. If you need dental work you need to go here.

    Brett T. Avatar
    Brett T.

    So happy with the entire team! Very kind and knowledgeable.

    Kimmy Q. Avatar
    Kimmy Q.

    Dr.Morton is a wonderful dentist with a awesome personality and has a great bedside mannerisms. I truly do not like going to the dentist , “but” coming into see Dr Morton is no problem. Also as for the front office staff, Monique is a great resource of info and everyone is always polite and helpful. Continue doing what you’re doing and have a blessed day,

    Stephanie B. Avatar
    Stephanie B.

    This office is the best! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, the technology is state of the art, and Dr. Morton’s work is really impressive! My endodontist actually took the time to ask who did my crowns. I thought all crowns looked this natural and beautiful! I’m so glad I discovered this gem 🙂

    Eliza K. Avatar
    Eliza K.

    Dr. Morton and his entire staff are top notch!!! Dr. Morton offers the most up to date services. He personally keeps up with his continuing education, and is knowledgeable on the latest trends. Dr. Morton's staff is extremely warm, accommodating, and flexible in working with the patient's schedule.
    I highly recommend Mint 32 on so many levels!!!! I have been a patient for years!!!

    Alice G. Avatar
    Alice G.

    Dr. Morton is a great dentist. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Staff are amazing! Everyone is very friendly and make you feel comfortable and happy to be come to the dentists office! Highly recommend!

    Sitra M. Avatar
    Sitra M.

    OMG who can say they had the best and most relaxing experience at the dentist?! Me that’s who! The staff was amazing and professional. Dr Morton was very knowledgeable and thorough. The hygienist was gentle yet detailed. I’m so my co worker referred me to this office as I’ve had the best experience ever at the dentist!

    carina c. Avatar
    carina c.

    I had a very pleasant experience today at Mint 32 Dentistry. They are very thorough and go above and BEYOND your typical dental experience. My dental hygienist Christopher was very kind and made sure I was comfortable at every moment of my appointment. He even gave me a complimentary paraffin hand wax treatment while I got my teeth cleaned. So not only was my teeth thoroughly cleaned but I also had soft hands by the end of my cleaning. I Also received advice on how to keep my teeth healthy. They make you look forward to going to the Dentist because it will be a highlight to your day!

    Deavyn C. Avatar
    Deavyn C.

    I’ve been coming to Mint 32 for over 15 years and Dr. Morton and his staff have always been very friendly and professional. I’ve had major work done by Dr. Morton and I have always been very happy with the results. I recently went in for a routine cleaning and the new hygienist Chris took phenomenal care of me. He is a great addition to an already wonderful family at Mint 32. He took extra time and care to make sure I was comfortable which was something I appreciated beyond words. I highly recommend Mint 32 to anyone who is looking for a new dentist office.

    Christopher P. Avatar
    Christopher P.
  • 5 star ratingI have been coming to Mint 32 for 14 years and every experience has been amazing. Dr. Morton and his staff are wonderful and so nice. Chris has cleaned my teeth twice now and he is a great addition to the staff. He is very caring and considerate. Monique is super sweet and is always super friendly. I highly recommend Mint 32!!

    Chris P. Avatar
    Chris P.

    5 star ratingI have always dreaded going to the dentist but Mint 32 Dentistry was the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had. The staff was so warm and friendly. The atmosphere is very calming and relaxing! Dr.morton spent time discussing the plan of care and educating me on options regarding my treatment. They also provided me with a complimentary toothbrush and dental goodies that will keep me smiling in between visits! Not to mention the super cute tank top and beautiful drinking cup I got! I highly recommend Mint 32 Dentistry to anyone who is looking for an excellent dentistry practice.

    Elisa E. Avatar
    Elisa E.

    5 star ratingAll of the staff at the dentist office are excellent. They are all so polite and friendly. Today was my first visit and I didn't not actually get any dental work done but I am thoroughly impressed. Other dentist offices need to take note. They really seem to care about me and making sure I know everything I need to. I would refer a family member or friend to this dental office for sure.

    Lauren B. Avatar
    Lauren B.

    5 star ratingI drive from Nashville to Atlanta to see Dr. Morton and his staff... That should say enough in itself for you to see him... but if you want specifics...I am a 44 year old with a deep rooted childhood fear of dentists and I have paid for that dearly as I got older. My teeth needed care and I needed a dentist I could trust. Dr. Morton came in to the picture and I haven't looked back since. I guess the thing that makes me the most comfortable is his knowledge on the field of dentistry and his wide knowledge base on more than just the basics. As a "I want to know it all" kind of person, I know when I talk to Dr. Morton, I am getting the most educated guy in town and the most advanced (current trends and newest dental breakthroughs). If you need a dentist... do yourself and your teeth a favor, and call Dr. Morton... hands down the best medical/dental professional I have ever dealt with.

    Chris K. Avatar
    Chris K.

    5 star ratingDr Morton and the staff at Mint32 do a great job with respect to all things dentistry. I have been part of this group for more than 10 years and have never had cause for complaint or concern. From the cleanliness of the facility, to using the latest technology and processes, you are in good hands here. Highly recommend.

    Art M. Avatar
    Art M.

    5 star ratingDr. Morton and his talented team of professionals go above and beyond to make your visit both pleasant, comfortable and effective.

    Heather D. Avatar
    Heather D.

    5 star ratingDr. Morton and staff are very professional and caring when it comes to your dental health. I have never had anything but an amazing experience here and no longer dread going to the dentist. Dr. Morton is very knowledgable and goes above and beyond to make your visit as comfortable and painless as possible. This is the best dentist office I have ever been to and would recommend to anyone new to the area or simply looking for a new dentist.

    Brandon R. Avatar
    Brandon R.

    5 star ratingLove Mint! Professional staff but super friendly and helpful. You know that they care about each one of their patients. And it's not a "shuffle in and shuffle out" kind of practice. They take their time to do a good job and do it right. You get the white glove service here.

    Carolyn H. Avatar
    Carolyn H.

    5 star ratingI always have a great experience here! It's evident Mint32 genuinely cares about their patients. I actually look forward to my cleaning visits, which is not the norm for me! Highly recommended!

    Chrystal E. Avatar
    Chrystal E.
  • 5 star ratingMy experience with Mint32 has been excellent- I read the other reviews here before posting and Regarding the one review...had my polishing done the same time as my not sure what that was about. Anyway, I have never had a Dentist take as much time to explain to me what was going on with my teeth as Dr. Morton did. Yes, I needed things done - and decided to do them because I actually understood why, complete with my photos and X-rays on a large screen to illustrate. I am in the medical profession and my experience before with a long term dentist was 5 minutes at the end. Now, I am wearing Invisalign braces- PS no one can tell I am wearing them- and can't wait for the outcome! I am so happy! A professional staff with the latest in technology and a desire to address your overall health as well. And, snacks, drinks and a super friendly staff plus a spa like atmosphere? Wow. As to payment, well, just like every other medical professional, they need to be paid. I am always asked for a credit card to pay what my insurance doesn't.

    Laurie W. Avatar
    Laurie W.

    5 star ratingAfter an 8-9 year hiatus, I was convinced to visit a dentist again! (Yes, yes, I know how awful it is that I haven't been in such a long time!) If my previous experience had been as wonderful as today's experience with Dr Darrell Morton at Mint 32 Dentistry, my teeth would be much happier and healthier!At least I'm on the right track now, and I'm not even dreading my next appointment in two weeks (not visiting a dentist for so many years ensures you'll need extra visits!). I've always hated a dentist visit. This was the first cleaning I've ever had without being poked in the gums and feeling as if my mouth was under attack!If you're looking for a new dentist or just avoiding them as I have, definitely check Mint 32 out! When you walk in, you'll think you're walking into a high-end spa instead of a dentist office! And they treat you like you're at a spa too! THIS PLACE IS THE BEST!

    Esther W. Avatar
    Esther W.

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