Cosmetic Dentures

Save your smile with cosmetic dentures. Dr. Morton and the Mint 32 Dentistry team in Alpharetta can help you retain your smile with traditional dentures, or implant supported dentures. Dentures are crafted to match the look and feel of your natural teeth. No one will know you are wearing dentures, all they will see is a beautiful smile.

What types of dentures are available from Dr. Morton?

At our Alpharetta dental office, we offer the following types of denture restorations.

Traditional – Traditional dentures may consist of either a full set of dentures, or a partial set. Full dentures consist of a full row of your teeth. One full set of dentures will replace either your upper arch or lower arch. Partial dentures can be used in areas where you have lost a few teeth, but a dental bridge is not the best course of action. Dr. Morton will help you decide which type of dentures is best for you.

Implant-Retained – Implant-retained dentures utilize the placement of dental implants with ball attachments to secure your dentures. The attachments snap firmly to your implants, ensuring a secure fit.

Implant-Supported – Similar to implant-retained dentures, implant-supported dentures also start with the placement of dental implants to serve as an anchor for your dentures. A small bar attaches to the underside of your dentures providing a safe and secure fit. Implant-supported dentures allow you to live your life normally, without needing denture adhesive or worrying about slipping dentures.

Are dentures better than dental implants?

Everyone’s smile is different. For some, dentures are the best solution, whereas others will require a solution with implants. Both serve different purposes. Dr. Morton and the Mint 32 Dentistry team will provide a full examination before making a tooth replacement suggestion.

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