Relieving Dental Anxiety

Is dental anxiety preventing you from receiving the care you deserve? Without regular oral health examinations, you are putting your overall health at risk. Our team is understanding and empathetic to patients with dental anxiety. We are confident you will find our approach to be different. We invite you to schedule a visit to experience patient-centered dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dental anxiety common?
Dental anxiety and fear are extremely common. It has been estimated that 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of nervousness. That is about 30 million to 40 million people. This estimate is of people who have such an extreme fear of the dentist, that they will not go at all. This can increase your risk of developing other health complications.

What causes anxiety?
Many patients are uneasy about going into a dentist’s office. For every three people who say they have dental anxiety, two attribute it to a painful experience at the dental office. The procedure that caused pain was either done incorrectly or has a new advanced technique that is more comfortable. Dr. Morton and his team create an environment where individualized care is prioritized.

What can I do to overcome my anxiety?
Our team suggests identifying the cause of your fear. Confide in Dr. Morton or any team member so they can customize their approach in a manner that addresses your concern. At Mint 32 Dentistry, comfort combined with modern technology will enhance your experience.

How can Dr. Morton and his staff help me?
Consult the team about your anxiety before a procedure. Personalized care plans from Dr. Morton allow him to administer the correct dose of anesthesia according to your particular pain tolerance. We provide patients with the option of a longer dental appointment for a more relaxed visit. Every private room includes headphones, televisions, and music to help you feel comfortable. Dr. Morton’s compassionate and understanding nature will help calm any uneasiness you might be feeling.

What sedation options are available at Mint 32 Dentistry?
Patients can request to be sedated during their procedures at Mint Dentistry 32. We offer nitrous oxide, which is a mild sedation to reduce any anxiety. We also offer oral sedation.

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