Second Opinion

FREE Second Opinion*

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FREE Second Opinion

Sometimes emergencies happen, and they often happen unexpectedly. In the case of dental emergencies, this can create a huge dent in your finances. Well don’t worry. Because now, at Mint 32 Dentistry, we’re offering a FREE Second Opinion for all our patients to help you make sure your getting the best care possible fitting your needs. If you have a dental emergency, or are unsure of a diagnoses and want a FREE Second Opinion make sure you let us know ASAP and we’ll take a look, absolutely FREE!

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*Because Dr Morton’s schedule is very busy and we only have a very limited number of consult appointments available, we do require a $50 deposit. This deposit is refunded by simply showing up to the appointment or canceling with 2 days notice so that we may offer the opportunity to somebody waiting to see Dr Morton.

Dr Morton and the staff at Mint32 do a great job with respect to all things dentistry. I have been part of this group for more than 10 years and have never had cause for complaint or concern. From the cleanliness of the facility, to using the latest technology and processes, you are in good hands here. Highly recommend.
Art M.